Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hard Eight: Book Review

Hard Eight is the eighth book in the Stephanie Plum Series by Janet Evanovich. This latest adventure of Stephanie Plum does not disappoint. Mystery, murder, hormones and humor fill each page.

Evanovich is great at creating very original plots and twists to tangle up her characters. And she makes it all fun! Hard Eight is full of the bad guys, car chases, gunfire and mishaps that fans have come to expect. When reading this series, I often find myself wondering, "How did she think of this?" or "I wonder if I could create something like this?"

Evanovich is one of the few writers who can make me laugh out loud. The dialogue is fast, witty, sexy and real. Grandma especially has some great lines in this installment.

The Plum, Morelli and Ranger love triangle is a big focus of this book. I'm rooting for Stephanie and Morelli to end up together. Everyone needs a Morelli in their lives. And everyone needs a Stephanie.

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