Monday, November 24, 2008

Twilight: Movie Review

I never thought I'd read the books in the Twilight series. The books were written for teens so why would I enjoy reading them? As the Twilight phenomena kept spreading through the country, all ages started to read the forbidden love story of the vampire Edward and the mortal Bella.

Eventually, my circle of friends started to comment on how great the books were. "Once you start reading the first one, you will be hooked. Unable to put it down." After hearing this several times, I decided to take the plunge into the world of teenage vampire love.

I was hooked. Simple as that.

The movie opened this past weekend and took $70.6 million in box office receipts. Many articles are stating surprise at this amount. The movie was expected to bring in $50 million. I'm not sure why studios and the industry low-balled the expected take for the weekend. This $70.6 million did not surprise me at all. Wasn't anyone paying attention to the almost hysteria these four books were causing?

I enjoyed the movie. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson captured Bella and Edward. The first time Edward appeared on screen, teenage girls in the audience let out screams of excitement. Bingo. The filmmakers passed the most critical test of all! The image of Edward on the screen matched the image of Edward in the minds of the teenager girls in the audience.

Melissa Rosenberg did a great job at adapting Stephenie Meyer's novel. The main points are there. The scenes I wanted to see are there. The humor, pain, fear, longing and love. The teen characters are played by real teens acting and talking like teens.

The book has more story layers and more character development of the Cullen Family. But that is to be expected. Meyer's novel gave Rosenberg a lot to choose from. Most books do when they are being converted to a screenplay. Rosenberg captured the essence of the story and it was carried out well.

If you read the book I do not think you'll be disappointed in seeing the movie.

I'm looking forward to reading the other three books in the series. And I'm looking forward to the other three movies. With the success of Twilight at the box office, I'm sure the other books will find their way to the big screen.

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