Tuesday, December 2, 2008

22 Shopping Days

It is December 2nd, 2008. The calendar on my wall and the Page-a-Day calendar on my desk both tell me so. Another month is just starting. Of course, December is not an ordinary month. It's filled with greeting cards, shopping, school concerts, decorating, baking, cooking, office parties, gift wrapping and traveling. A thousand pieces rushing to the Holiday Finish Line.

But right now, it's only December 2nd. The To-Do lists are slowly forming in my mind. I scratched out a brief outline on paper but I don't remember where I put it. There is no panic. No stress. No worries. I have an entire month to calmly prepare and carryout Holiday Plan 2008.

At least this was my thought this morning. But then things were reversed and spun to face the other direction. At lunch, I went for a brief walk. Some store front windows were decked out for the season. Some weren't. Some windows were mid-decorated. Full price Santas and Nativity Scenes were sharing shelf space with clearance price turkeys and Pilgrims.

I approached a Federal Express Shipping store. A sign in their window stopped me. I shook my head. "That can't be right." I read the sign again as panic crept into my thoughts.

Only 22 Shopping Days Before Christmas

Twenty-two days? That's it? I only have twenty-two days to get everything ready for the holidays? How is this possible? This morning I had an entire month before me. Now I have twenty-two days!? When and how could this happen?

From the viewpoint of December 2nd, the holiday was no problem. It was so far away. From the viewpoint of Only 22 Shopping Days Before Christmas . . . well, I have to get busy.

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