Friday, December 19, 2008

Cheapair Offers Easy Travel Planning

I love to travel. As a list maker and detailed planner, I love researching and organizing my vacations. For a trip for Las Vegas, I created a chart with all the shows I wanted to see, the restaurants where I wanted to eat and the special sites I could not miss. I admit, sometimes I get carried away. Maybe I should become a travel agent.

There are so many options to plan your travel via the Internet. To find the best deals on transportation, is my favorite site. It's my favorite for many reasons:

1. You can search for flights, hotels, cars and cruises. (It's winter here in Minneapolis. A cruise sounds wonderful right now).

2. The site is very easy to navigate and it keeps track of your previous searches.

3. When shopping for flights, you get a complete breakdown of ALL airlines AND a Mix & Match option. My experience is the Mix & Match usually provides the least expensive flight combinations. You might be flying Delta to your destination and flying American back home, but if you save several hundred dollars does it matter?

4. Viewing the search results, you know immediately what the lowest ticket price is for each airline and which airlines offer direct flights.

5. When you choose an airline or the Mix & Match you are presented with the available flight times AND the corresponding cost. Matching your budget to available flights could not be easier!

The next time you are planning a trip or you are curious what travel costs are averaging, try In a few clicks of your mouse, you'll be presented with a very clear breakdown of several options.

Happy Travels!

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