Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Golden Globes Commentary

The Golden Globes are over and the winners have their awards displayed proudly at home. Below are the parts of the evening that stuck out the most to me.

1. The most genuine winner #1.
Kate Winslet for her first win of the evening for The Reader.

2. The most genuine winner #2.
Kate Winslet for her second win of the evening for Revolutionary Road. In both of these wins, Kate was so real in her speeches. She truly was emotionally moved by winning these awards. You could see it.

3. The weirdest facial hair of the evening.
Sting. If that really was Sting? I loved Colin Farrell’s reaction. His face in total shock at Sting’s appearance.

4. The way too skinny actress.
Sally Hawkins looked borderline anorexic. If you look too skinny on screen, you REALLY are too skinny in person.

5. The actresses it was great to see at the ceremony.
Jessica Lange, Shirley MacLaine and Sigourney Weaver.

6. The biggest surprise win by an actor.
Colin Farrell.

7. The least surprise win by an actor.
Heath Ledger.

8. The best mom to daughter moment.
Demi Moore telling her daughter Rumer Willis to stand up straight and not slouch when she was onstage.

9. The best acceptance speech.
Laura Linney. She was so articulate and clear and very well prepared.

10. The funniest acceptance speech.
Tracy Morgan accepting for 30 Rock.

11. The most humble winner.
Tina Fey. She's had such a great year and she made a good point that not everyone likes her. "If you ever start to feel too good about yourself, they have this thing called the Internet."

12. The best duo presenters.
Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman.

13. The best female hairstyle.
Sigourney Weaver.

14. The worst female hairstyle.
Drew Barrymore.

15. The person most robbed of an award.
Penelope Cruz (sorry Kate Winslet).

16. The strangest big green ring #1.
Amy Adams.

17. The strangest big green ring #2.
Mickey Rourke.

18. The most unfortunate trend in female fashions.
All the excess fabric bunched up in various places on the gowns. It looked sloppy and was not flattering on the figures these ladies work so hard to maintain.

19. The most unfortunate trend in male fashions.
All the facial hair. Why did so many male celebrities feel the need to grow facial hair for the awards show? Especially when SO few male celebrities actually LOOK good in facial hair. You're at a fashionable event and you're wearing a tux. Come on guys, don't let your scruffy beard growth ruin the image. Shave!


Anonymous said...

Funny comments.

I didn't see Penelope in her role this year, but I am sure I agree with you.

What I most agree is that Kate SHOULD NOT have been a supporting actress in that category since she was one of the main marquee names and one of the primaries of the script. I know that she chose to be in the category she thought she would win and that is why they submitted to supporting actress but I feel that ROBS Viola Davis and others who truly were SUPPORTING roles in a film. So, I feel the commission should stop that practice from happening if you are the main star of a film. I was glad she won the best actress, but I feel she shouldn't have been in that supporting actress category. (Now getting off my pulpit)...Valerie

Anonymous said...

Mike, Gus here, thank you very much for the comment in my TODAY blog.

Ryan Thomas said...

I couldn't believe how happy Kate Winslet was to win these awards. No one else seemed to be so honored. She must have had a dream as a little girl to win one. I do love her and was hpapy to see her so happy. Her love for Leonardo DiCaprio seems intense.

Tina Fey continues to impress and amaze me. She is sharp and humble. Nothing like a good "suck it" in an acceptance speech.

For me the winners were British comedians presenting. Between "the Holocaust" joke and the Madonna joke, I was loving British humOUR.