Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Joan Rivers is Coming

I just received some great news. Joan Rivers is coming to Minneapolis! Anyone who knows me, knows that Joan is one of my favorite people. This latest Joan Event will be the 10Th time that I've seen her.

Each time is an exciting and rewarding experience. Each time leaves me with great memories.

I've traveled to three different states to see her and I've been lucky enough to be backstage nine times. I have so many great Joan stories. Each one deserves its own blog entry.

Topics to cover:

1) Traveling to Las Vegas to see Joan the first time she performed there after a 10 year absence.

2) Being backstage in Wayne Newton's Las Vegas dressing room.

3) Grabbing her ankle when she was on stage and reached down to take flowers I was handing up to her.

4) Holding Spike the Yorkie.

5) Walking Spike down an alley so he could "do his business" before getting into a limo with Joan.

6) Telling Joan how much she inspired me to go after my dreams and write a book. (One of my favorite possessions is the handwritten card Joan sent me when my book was published).

7) Being stopped by a nasty security guard when I attempted to steal the cue cards Joan had taped to a stage. My defense: the show was over, I didn't think she'd want them back!

And many many more!

Okay, now for the details of my 10Th Joan Rivers Event!

Joan and QVC are teaming up for an unforgettable weekend at the Mall of America (February 27 thru March 1). Please check out the posted information on Joan's site as well as QVC at The Mall's!

This will be a great event and I'm counting the days. Watch for more news on my blog and if you can, be sure to attend this weekend!

I will see you there!


Anonymous said...


You are the BIGGEST Joan Rivers supporter!!!! I know she has inspired you in your writing and as a person. The best thing about Joan is her "bee" inspiration and how that personification has become her anthem. For those who may not know, the bee is a special thing for Joan because its physical dimensions seem impossible for it to fly, yet against all odds, it does. Joan considers herself like the bee...succeeding where normally those circumstances would make another person fail. I love Joan and her jewelry!!!! Thanks also for the 1 time I got to meet her in person. She is such a doll! Val

Anonymous said...

You need to go on Lori & Julia!!!! They would totally love to meet you since they love her, too. You could share your Joan moments and what you look forward to doing when she comes to the MOA for QVC!!!!


Anonymous said...

Thx michael for the information on Joan. I can't wait to buy the tickets.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rivers! :o)
I want to go with you to see Joan. I LOVE HER TOO (you got me beat tho). After all you are standing in for her on the RED carpet this year ;o)

luv ya!