Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Additions to the National Film Registry

The Library of Congress announced 25 films being added to the National Film Registry . This brings the total to 500 films. Established by the National Film Preservation Act of 1988, the Library Board selects up to 25 "culturally, historically or aesthetically significant films" each year for the National Film Registry.

To be considered for the registry, movies must be at least 10 years old. But they do not need to be feature-length or have had a theatrical release.

I was happy to see many of my favorite movies already on the list. It also made me think about what movies I'd like to see added to the registry. Criteria for my picks are movies that I watch over and over. If they have provided me with endless hours of entertainment and if they aren't on the list, they should be added!

Top Ten Movies for the National Film Registry
  1. 9 to 5.
  2. Mommie Dearest.
  3. Titanic.
  4. Coal Miner's Daughter.
  5. Superman.
  6. Superman II.
  7. The Birds.
  8. Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.
  9. On Golden Pond.
  10. The Empire Strikes Back.


Laura said...

The Birds, that movie gave me nightmares for weeks. It made me hate blackbirds. lol.

I'd like to know, what else are they using to pick these movies and how many people are on the board picking them.......Is there a bias......

Yeah, I know, I think too much. LOL.

Ryan Thomas said...

The Birds forever changed the way I looked at birds flying over head. I still get chills when I see a flock of birds all take off at the same time and swarm around. I suppose it's a good movie when the feelings last years after watching.

Rocky Horror Picture Show made this list, I believe, and is the longest running movie in cinematic history, still being shown in cinemas 30 years after its initial release. "Let's do the time warp again!"

Michael Rivers said...

The Birds has an effect on people. I remember the first time watching it. It was a long time before I wouldn't want to hit the ground when I heard a bird screeching overhead! I met Tippi Hedrin (star of the movie) totally by chance. I'll have to blog about that.

Ryan, thanks for the factoid about Rocky Horror Picture Show! I never thought about that, but it makes total sense. This makes me want to go see it in the theater! And, of course, do the time warp again!!

Daij said...

"If mommy doesn't like you, she can make you disappear."

Daij said...

Joan Crawford--I LOVE her you have two of my favorite movies on this list!