Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Your Screenplay Sucks

I just finished reading Your Screenplay Sucks! Sure it is a catchy title but I never want to hear those words from an agent or a studio executive! After reading this book, I don't think I will.

If you are dreaming of a career in screenwriting, you must read this book. I plan to read it again once I am positive my screenplay is finished. I know I will learn even more.

Every page is filled with advice, tips, rules and checklists. I can't even begin to share how much I learned. I will share the email that I sent to the author, William M. Akers.


Hello Mr. Akers,

I'm almost finished reading Your Screenplay Sucks. Even before the end of Act One, I knew that I was going to send an email. This morning I finished reading Act Two and I couldn't wait any longer. This book is wonderful. The information in Act Two is worth more than the book's price.

I've read several books on screenwriting and I've written along with Syd Field's DVD workshop. I thought I had a great understanding about this mystery called screenwriting. I was wrong. I never expected to learn so much from another book. Many times while reading I thought, "Why wasn't this covered in any of the other books?"

I found your book at the perfect time. I'm on draft six of my screenplay. I can read your book and immediately know what I've done wrong. You caused more than a few pangs of panic to shoot through me. And a couple times, you managed to scare the hell out of me. The information you provided is so valuable. Once I complete my current round of edits, I will start the checkpoints in the book.

Now I'm off to read Act Three.


Michael Rivers
Minneapolis, MN

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