Friday, January 2, 2009

9 to 5 Trilogy Completed in 2008

9 to 5 is one of my all time favorite movies. I could probably recite every line of dialogue if asked. Growing up, I watched it every time it was on HBO. Thankfully, HBO ran it a lot. I even tape recorded my favorite lines of dialogue so I could listen to it whenever I wanted. And I still feel that Dolly Parton was robbed of an Oscar for writing the theme song (The song Fame won instead).

When a VCR entered my parents' home, I knew I had to record The Wizard of Oz and 9 to 5. And I did. I even made special covers for the VCR tapes. These were more valuable than gold. Eventually I purchased VHS copies. Then DVD copies. Now I have a few DVDs of each. My logic, if I have one version of the DVD, should this stop me from getting the special edition DVD or the anniversary edition DVD? Of course not.

About seven years ago I was lucky enough to finally see Dolly Parton in concert. Since then, I've seen her two more times. Each time I love her more. During that first concert, I had an idea. I should make it a goal to see all three of the 9 to 5 ladies. Dolly Parton was checked off the list. Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin were next. The 9 to 5 Trilogy was born.

Probably three years ago, Lily Tomlin performed her one woman show in Minneapolis. Of course I had to be there. I had made it a goal, I couldn't back down now. Lily's show was wonderful and she handled a front row heckler with such a direct-in-your-face-slam that the audience cheered.

Then I was down to one. Jane Fonda. How was I going to see Jane Fonda? She wasn't going to tour with a singing concert or with a one woman comedy show. How would I ever get into the same room as this elusive and missing piece to the 9 to 5 Trilogy?

Then in July 2008, by total chance, I found out she was giving a lecture in Minneapolis. I panicked. The lecture was 7 days away. What if it had sold out? I felt Jane Fonda slipping through my fingers and running away from me. Would I ever catch her?

I frantically pulled up Ticketmaster and my trembling fingers typed in the name Jane Fonda. In my mind was Jane's famous dialogue from 9 to 5, "Don't panic, don't panic!" A scattering of tickets was left for this almost sold-out event (which it later did). I decided to be bold and put in a ticket search for the highest dollar amount.

This is how I sat in the front row to see Jane Fonda give an amazing talk on her life. She is one of the best speakers I have ever heard. She discussed her career, her marriages, her charity work and her expanding outlook on life.

She also wasn't afraid to give backstage Hollywood Gossip. Which I happily ate up and asked Ms. Fonda for seconds! A favorite story was Katherine Hepburn being unhappy with Jane when Jane wasn't present during an initial meeting for On Golden Pond. Jane was on a road trip with Dolly Parton. They were driving through the Smokey Mountains. Jane asked the audience, "Which would you choose?"

That night my 7 year goal was achieved. The 9 to 5 Trilogy was completed, in the front row, just several feet from the Oscar winning movie star.


Anonymous said...

Very cool!!!! It's wonderful to meet your favorite people and discover they are indeed worthy of adoration. I enjoyed reading your adventures with your "9 to 5 Trilogy". Keep writing! We enjoy reading it!

St. Paul, MN

Sheree said...

From your Judy Fester buddy Shere,

I loved 9-5-cannot you saw all 3. I had a big crush on Lily Tomlin. I would love to see her.
And yes, Dolly was framed. But so was Eve!!!

Love the blog


Anonymous said...

Hi, Michael! What a great story on loving the movie and meeting all 3 ladies! I have seen Dolly Parton in concert when she came to the Ravinia Festival in Skokie, IL. You are so right!!! Dolly is really down to earth and personable. She's polished, warm and enchanting. I guess I have to enjoy Lily Tomlin on Desperate Housewives and Jane Fonda is way out of reach for me, too. But, you never know when the tours may start up again. Keep on Blogging!!!! You are so terrific at it! Can't wait for the next post! Best, Kenneth