Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chino Latino: Food Review 7 of 52

As part of my New Year's Resolution to try 52 new restaurants, diners, coffee shops and bakeries during 2009, I present the following review.

Chino Latino

2916 Hennepin Ave. South
Minneapolis, MN 55408

Who I Went With
Matt's birthday party.

What I Ate:
I ordered the Three Way. This lets you pick three sides from a list of twelve options. I chose Pad Thai noodles, fried rice with guacamole and wok glazed green beans (thanks to the waitress's recommendation).

Sorry, I forgot my camera so no pictures.

Would I Go Back:
Yes. The place is huge and loud and fun and crowded. There seemed to be thousands of people inside (there probably were) but the service was still great. The birthday party was a success.

Worth the Price:
Yes. The Pad Thai noodles weren't anything special, but the wok glazed green beans were wonderful! People kept taking them off my plate. I was leery about getting guacamole on the fried rice but this was very nice surprise. The guacamole really kicked up the flavor!

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Sounds Yummy!