Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Aegis Foundation Pre-Red Carpet Photos

The Aegis Foundation held a great Academy Award Fundraiser in downtown Minneapolis. When I was asked to be part of this event, I said, "Yes!" Over the next few blog posts I'll share some photos from this great evening!

The event was held at The Hotel Minneapolis.

The pile of swagbags full of party favors for guests.

The lobby of The Hotel Minneapolis.

One of three big screen TVs used to broadcast the Oscars.

Another of the big screens.

Seating areas for guests to enjoy the broadcast.

The awards given out by the Aegis Foundation.

Silent auction items lined up waiting for bids.

The main Red Carpet entrance for the Aegis Foundation Event.

Me and the Giant Oscar. Both waiting for guests to arrive and walk the Red Carpet.

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joan b said...

Michael...I love your blogs...You have really missed your calling..You should be on the REAL RED CARPET!!!