Thursday, February 5, 2009

Joan Rivers' Schedule Announced

Everyone knows that I am excited for the upcoming Joan Rivers Event in Minneapolis.

I've just learned about the schedule for Saturday, February 28, 2009:

10am: Grand Opening of the Everything Joan Boutique.
1pm: Joan Rivers Fashion Show.
3pm: Joan Rivers Book Signing.
6pm: Cocktail Party Hosted by Joan Rivers.

Remember, to take part in this exciting event, check out Joan Rivers or QVC @ The Mall's websites for more information.

See you there!


Ryan Thomas said...

I saw that Joan Rivers is going to be on Celebrity Apprentice and I thought of you. Do you consider this a good move or a bad move on her part? We all know it will be funny in the end.

Michael Rivers said...

Hi Ryan!

Yes, Joan is doing the Apprentice. It should be very interesting. I think it's a good move on her part. She's playing for a very good charity. And you are right--in the end, it will be funny. I'm guessing she's doing this for fun. I doubt she cares much what Donald Trump thinks. haha

Anonymous said...

I think Joan will take her role on The Celebrity Apprentice seriously but in a very Joan-like style. She has to be a savvy businesswoman to be as successful as she is, no matter the ridicule she has received. I'll be watching to see both her and Melissa!

Michael Rivers said...

I agree. I think she will take her role seriously. She hasn't survived this long in the business without being a very smart business woman herself! It will be interesting, that's for sure!