Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Results of Oscar Predictions

The 81st Academy Awards are over. Thousands of pictures were taken, countless interviews were give and now the Oscars are resting peacefully in their new homes.

The results of Anthony and Michael's Oscar Predictions have also been tabulated. I wasn't going to share the results, but then I knew that I must.

In short, Anthony pulled the Red Carpet out from under me, grabbed the Oscar and ran away with it.

Michael - 10 out of 18 correct.

Anthony - 17 out of 18 correct.

Only one wrong?! How is this possible? I'm convinced that Anthony had access to the secured envelopes at Price Waterhouse. How else could he get so many correct?!

Of course, this is the exact reason why I asked him to be my co-blogger for award ceremonies. He knows his stuff!

Congrats Anthony!

I owe you a dinner!

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