Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Day with Joan Rivers: Part Six

The time has come for my final blog about the Joan Rivers Weekend. The last event of the day was the Private Reception. I knew that I would have some time with Joan and it was a unique chance to get her to sign something from my huge Joan Rivers Memorabilia Collection.

I have a few hundred pieces in the collection. Many signed, the majority not signed. I put some thought into what pieces I should bring to the reception. I wanted to find things that were mile-stones in Joan's career. Special.

The night before the reception, I went through the Playbills and programs I have. There were many to choose from but I finally narrowed it down to two:

1) The program from the night Joan sold out Carnegie Hall (not many people can claim that).

2) A Broadway Show League Talent '61 Playbill (this because it is the oldest piece in my collection and I'm guessing there are not many around). On April 25 and 28, 1961, Joan starred with Buzzi in a play called The Goddess.

I also took Joan's two new books with me (Murder at the Academy Awards and Men are Stupid and They Like Big Boobs).

Before the reception I chatted with a film crew that was following Joan for the day. (I am hoping to have some great blogs about them soon). When I mentioned the pieces I brought for Joan to sign, they asked if they could film our interaction. Of course they could!

Joan signing my copy of Murder at the Academy Awards.

Dearest Michael, You are fabulous! Much love & affection - Joan Rivers.
Joan said I'm fabulous. Does she know me or what!?

When I gave Joan my copy of the plastic surgery book Men Are Stupid and They Like Big Boobs, she asked who it was for. "Me!" I responded. She laughed and then signed it.

I don't remember who I was smiling at as Joan signed the book. Perhaps an envious fan because I was getting so much Joan time?

Dearest Michael - One day you'll need this! Not yet! Joan Rivers.
Was she trying to tell me something? Do I need Dr. Koffman on speed dial?

When I handed the Carnegie Hall program to Joan, she opened it and read:

Friday, February 4, 1983 at 7:30 and 10:30
Joan Rivers
The Semi-Legend Comes Home
special guests
Liliane Montevecchi and Smothers Brothers

"There it is," she said. "What a night that was." Then she signed the cover for me.

To Michael - Much Love, Joan Rivers. This was a great night!

Then I told Joan I brought the oldest piece of my collection for her to sign. The Broadway Show League Talent '61 Playbill. Joan was surprised to see the 48-year old program. She took it from me and said, "This is what started it all."

Joan signing the cover.

Joan signed it and asked where her name was inside. There were 68 one-act plays over the two days of performances. We flipped through the program until we found her name.

After we found her name, Joan had the camera crew film the program. Then she asked me, "Do you know who my co-star Buzzi is?"

"No, but I've always wondered," I answered.

"Ruth Buzzi of Laugh-In fame."

Michael - This started me - seriously. Joan Rivers

Joan and Michael.

Friday, March 20, 2009

My Day with Joan Rivers: Part Five

The last event of the Joan Rivers Weekend was a private reception at the Embassy Suites. Guests enjoyed two hours of Joan's company where she signed copies of her books, posed for pictures and held a Q&A session that kept everyone laughing.

As a surprise gift, everyone received a copy of Joan's new book Murder at the Academy Awards (R): A Red Carpet Murder Mystery.

People happily lined up to have Joan sign their copies.

After Joan left, guests enjoyed a few moments before dinner and dessert was served.

A few of us behind-the-scenes people walked with Joan to the hotel lobby. From Minneapolis she was flying to Pennsylvania so she could appear on QVC. After her appearances it was home to NYC for one day. Then she headed to Australia where she spent a week hosting and performing at Sydney's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

Knowing she had a non-stop-twelve-hour-day with us and that she had another full week of traveling and performing I said, "It's been a really long day. You must be tired."

Joan slipped on her full-length fur and smiled. "I had a great time. I'm glad the day was so successful."

Then she added, "I'll sleep on the plane. It will be wonderful."

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spyhouse Coffee Shop: Food Review 5 of 52

Spyhouse Coffee Shop

2404 Hennepin Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55405

Coffee shop. Great decor with exposed brick and a pressed tin ceiling. The place was packed with many students doing homework and others using laptops.

Who I Went With
Scott and Edwin.

What I Ate
I had coffee and carrot cake.

Would I Go Back

Worth the Price
Yes. Great tasting coffee and a nice variety of desserts.

Monday, March 16, 2009

My Day with Joan Rivers: Part Four

After the fashion show, the next event of the Joan Rivers Weekend was a book signing at Barnes & Noble. By the way, I sweet talked a Barnes & Noble employee to give me the six-foot vinyl banner that's in the picture above!

Joan has two new books out: Men are Stupid . . . and They Like Big Boobs and Murder at the Academy Awards.

People lined up to get their books signed.

Joan signed as many books as people purchased. She also talked with everyone and posed for pictures.

I love this picture. I had a Media Pass so I was onstage with Joan. When I noticed these people gathered to take pictures of Joan, I took a picture of them doing it.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Michael Rivers Soft Drink Released

After months of negotiations, a soft drink named after me has finally been released in the United States. I turned down hundreds of formulas before I found the one that was just right!

It's well known how hard I work for my fans. And it paid off. People putting their lips to a soda bottle expecting a mouthful of the cool, refreshing taste known as Michael Rivers, will not be disappointed!

I'm a bit embarrassed to show a photo of one of the many crowds waiting to get their first taste of Michael Rivers. I asked for extra security. Some supermarkets just didn't listen.

After the United States media frenzy, I'll be off for the European tour. I've already sent a case to Buckingham Palace. I got note that the Queen enjoys a little Michael Rivers each night before bed!

Friday, March 13, 2009

My Day with Joan Rivers: Part Three

The afternoon of my day with Joan Rivers started with a fashion show. Stores in the Mall of America provided the clothing and Joan provided the jewelry, accessories and laughs.

The Best Buy Rotunda at the Mall of America was filled with people waiting for the fashion show to start.

Joan and Sara Rogers, Mall of America Trend Specialist, emcee the fashion show.

After a 40 minute show, the models take their Grand Finale Walk.

Joan took a few questions from the audience. Sara Rogers and Dave James, QVC Program Host, were also onstage.

Joan leaves the stage to go get ready for the next event!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Day with Joan Rivers: Part Two

The grand opening of the Everything Joan Boutique started the guest's morning at the Joan Rivers Weekend. The boutique is located right outside the QVC @ The Mall store in the Mall of America.

Open until the end of March, the boutique showcases a variety of the jewelry and accessories Joan designs for QVC. The shop is beautiful. Joan's products fill all four sides.

A small sampling of pictures . . .

If the poster in this picture goes missing, I know nothing!

Joan talks with customers through a flat screen TV.

Joan's watches are very popular. She creates a variety of designs, shapes and colors!

Joan can't be at the boutique all the time, so this cutout stands in for her!

Spring is coming. Color, color, color!

After the grand opening of the Everything Joan Boutique, Joan gets ready to go work behind the counter.

Customers loved being helped by Joan. And Joan loved showing her products to the customers. The passion and excitment she has for her line was obvious. After 18 years on QVC, it's clear that QVC customers share her excitment and passion!

If you can't make it to the Everything Joan Boutique, check out Joan's product listings on QVC.com.