Saturday, March 14, 2009

Michael Rivers Soft Drink Released

After months of negotiations, a soft drink named after me has finally been released in the United States. I turned down hundreds of formulas before I found the one that was just right!

It's well known how hard I work for my fans. And it paid off. People putting their lips to a soda bottle expecting a mouthful of the cool, refreshing taste known as Michael Rivers, will not be disappointed!

I'm a bit embarrassed to show a photo of one of the many crowds waiting to get their first taste of Michael Rivers. I asked for extra security. Some supermarkets just didn't listen.

After the United States media frenzy, I'll be off for the European tour. I've already sent a case to Buckingham Palace. I got note that the Queen enjoys a little Michael Rivers each night before bed!


HalfCrazy said...

You're not messing around, right? :P

Anonymous said...

Cute! Cute! You had me going there! A great April Fool's joke (early)! I have so much to catch up reading on your Blog...(like Joan)... which reminds me, are you watching the Celebrity Apprentice? It's taping, but much t catch up on! Ugghhh! ;)

Anne B. said...

But the big question is: will your blog crowd (we, the elite) get it at as discount?

Michael Rivers said...

Hello Anne,

Of course I will give the elite group a discount on the Michael Rivers Soda!!

Anonymous said...

In regards to the Queen....Who wouldn't want to enjoy a bit of Michael Rivers each night before going to bed!!

Michael Rivers said...

Dear Anonymous,

Exactly! Why wouldn't the Queen want a bit each night before bed! An insider has told me she sleeps like a baby!