Monday, March 16, 2009

My Day with Joan Rivers: Part Four

After the fashion show, the next event of the Joan Rivers Weekend was a book signing at Barnes & Noble. By the way, I sweet talked a Barnes & Noble employee to give me the six-foot vinyl banner that's in the picture above!

Joan has two new books out: Men are Stupid . . . and They Like Big Boobs and Murder at the Academy Awards.

People lined up to get their books signed.

Joan signed as many books as people purchased. She also talked with everyone and posed for pictures.

I love this picture. I had a Media Pass so I was onstage with Joan. When I noticed these people gathered to take pictures of Joan, I took a picture of them doing it.


Laura said...

Another great addition to the series. Now, I am still waiting for an answer to my question. What will you do with the banner and the cut outs? You aren't displaying them in your room???? ;)

Michael Rivers said...

I might hang the banner above my bed. And perhaps stand Joan in the corner? I have to think of something creative. HAHA.

Laura said...

Have her greet people as they walk into your place. ;)

Anonymous said...

You must have been in HEAVEN!!! How neat to have that extra advantage to be with Joan! I remembered seeing Connie Stevens backstage and it was all arranged. People in the audience were wondering why I got to go past security and taken in the back to meet Connie. Those are extra-extra special moments in life! ENJOY!!!!

Michael Rivers said...

Hey Ken,

It was a great day! I loved every second of it. You know how important those extra-extra special moments are!