Friday, March 13, 2009

My Day with Joan Rivers: Part Three

The afternoon of my day with Joan Rivers started with a fashion show. Stores in the Mall of America provided the clothing and Joan provided the jewelry, accessories and laughs.

The Best Buy Rotunda at the Mall of America was filled with people waiting for the fashion show to start.

Joan and Sara Rogers, Mall of America Trend Specialist, emcee the fashion show.

After a 40 minute show, the models take their Grand Finale Walk.

Joan took a few questions from the audience. Sara Rogers and Dave James, QVC Program Host, were also onstage.

Joan leaves the stage to go get ready for the next event!


HalfCrazy said...

Looks like there were a lot of people who attended!

Now I wonder what's the next event? :)

Anonymous said...

Your coverage is excellent. From the comfort of our own home, we can feel like we were there in row 6!!!! Thanks!

Michael Rivers said...

Hi Ken,

Glad you are enjoying the photos! It's been very fun reliving the day on my blog.