Friday, April 10, 2009

Fortune Cookie Wisdom Number Three

Fortune Cookie: (noun) A thin folded wafer containing a prediction or truth printed on a slip of paper. Often served as a dessert in Chinese restaurants.

Fortune Cookie Saying: You are a true friend.

Thoughts on the Saying: I believe I am a true friend. I am very lucky to have several close friendships. Marlene Dietrich said, "A true friend is someone you can call at 4am." It's great to know I have a number of true friends and I hope that I am one in return!

Fortune Cookie Rating:

_____I'm consulting a Tarot Card reader and a Psychic Friends Network operator to reverse this fortune.

_____I'm on my way to a crystal ball fortune teller and then to the Wizard of Oz to make sure this fortune becomes true.

__X___The planets have aligned and the tea leaves have spoken. This fortune is correct!

1 comment:

HalfCrazy said...

Being a true friend is being a good person and I believe you are one, Michael!

You should try betting those numbers at a lottery or something LOL.