Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fortune Cookie Wisdom Number Two

Fortune Cookie: (noun) A thin folded wafer containing a prediction or truth printed on a slip of paper. Often served as a dessert in Chinese restaurants.

Fortune Cookie Saying: You will become an accomplished writer.

Thoughts on the Saying: I got a big smile when I read this fortune. I love writing and I am waiting for the day to become accomplished (money, limos, screaming fans and #1 best sellers. Is that too much to ask?).

Fortune Cookie Rating:

_____I'm consulting a Tarot Card reader and a Psychic Friends Network operator to reverse this fortune.

__X__I'm on my way to a crystal ball fortune teller and then to the Wizard of Oz to make sure this fortune becomes true.

_____The planets have aligned and the tea leaves have spoken. This fortune is correct!


HalfCrazy said...

You gotta love those fortune cookies when they sound so positive and so you! LOL.

Remember me when you're famous, Michael! :)

Bianca Raven said...

I'd take that as just too coincidental to be ignored and run with the warm, fuzzy feeling it gave you when you first read it :)

Laura said...

Love it!

Tina said...

You're supposed to add "in bed" at the end. Not sure becoming a great writer in bed sounds that titillating though.

Anonymous said...

Are YOU serious??? Your fortune cookie really said that? Wow! We already know you are a great writer and blogger...but to receive a fortune reinforcing it??? VERY COOL!

Michael Rivers said...

Hi Ken,

Yes, I couldn't believe it when I opened that fortune and read it. It was meant to be!! I'm actually going to put that fortune in a little frame and keep it on my desk!

Daij said...

love it too!m