Saturday, May 23, 2009

Getting Ready for Vacation

My cruise through the Mexican Riviera was a great experience. I'm finally getting around to organizing the 700+ photographs that I took. I'm also coming up with many blog ideas so I can share the adventure.

Part one of the vacation was getting to the International Minneapolis - St. Paul Airport. I had to be there by 6:30am and that was no small accomplishment.

I arrived at the Mall of America Lite Rail station at 6:15am.

How many people are on the train at 6:15am?

Just one. Me.

How much luggage do I take on a nine day vacation?

A lot.


Anonymous said...

Your trains are pretty and clean! You do have a lot of luggage...traveling diva style! I bet you have a million outfits and products! FUN! ha ha

magicoftouch said...

as long as he has his Superman boxer shorts, what else does he need?

mistress maddie said...

Sounds like it was a nice trip. But you only took 700+ pictures? That's it????????? LOL!

Michael Rivers said...

To Ken: Yes, I do tend to travel in Diva style. haha. I did take too many things to occupy my times (books, ipod, writing) and I didn't even need these. HA. Too much to do on the cruise. Next time I'll know better!

To Magic of Touch: Of course I had my Superman boxers. And a Superman T-shirt. Photos to follow.

To Mistress Maddie: Yes, I tend to take too many photos. HAHA. I love photography and really had a great time capturing the sites. 700 photos in 9 days. Not too bad? HAHA. Of course, there are many duplicate photos; just to be sure I got the right shot!

RAD said...

Hope your holiday goes super....Your luggage looks like the same amount as I tend to bring too! A boys gotta do whats needed! :-)

Wonder Man said...

post your pics