Monday, June 22, 2009

Favorite Quote: Christina Crawford on Joan Crawford

When I was growing up my mother [Joan Crawford] often would say I reminded her of Norma Schearer and she'd get a strange look on her face. Only later did I realize she was pathologically jealous of Shearer.

Who Said It:
Christina Crawford.

My Opinion:
With many recent sources questioning the validity of Mommie Dearest, something tells me that Joan wasn't the person who was pathologically jealous.


Eric Arvin said...

Good point. Poor Joan got smeared.

behrmark said...

Regardless of the validity or truthfulness of "Mommie Dearest," one cannot ignore the fact that the "triumph" of Norma Shearer's Mary Haynes over Crawford's Crystal Allen in "The Women" may have had something to do with jealousy. Art often imitates life.

Michael Rivers said...

Eric: Yes, I think Joan got smeared a bit!

Mark: Isn't "The Women" a GREAT movie! I love it. And yes, art may have imitated life just a bit!

mistress maddie said...

Ahhhh the Crawford's are quite the clan aren't they? My favorite quoye from Joan Crawford was the one in the Pepsi boardroom,"Don't fuck with me fellows, this isn't my first time at the rodeo!"

unfortunate names said...

that's why i drink coke


Thanks for your comment on Roger Payne's drawings. I did upload others earlier in the year. I have another ten still on disc.


Doug Goff said...

Oh man I loved Mommy Dearest and Joan was a freakin hottie in her day!

Steven said...

When they were filming The Women, both Crawford and Shearer would have their drivers circle the studio to finally determine which one would arrive first, Joan, the "Queen of Hollywood," or Norma, the widow of the studio's boss, Irving Thalberg.
Given how hard Joan worked to get where she was and how dedicated to MGM she was, it's surprising that she played this game with Shearer.