Monday, June 15, 2009

Favorite Quote: Divorces

Why do Hollywood divorces cost so much? Because they are worth it.

Who Said It:
Johnny Carson (1925–2005).

My Thoughts:
This quote is very Carson. He was married four times so he knew all about the "worth" of a divorce.

1. Joan "Jody" Wolcott (married in 1949).

2. Joanne Copeland (married in 1963). Her divorce settlement was almost half a million dollars in cash and art and $100,000 a year in alimony. For life.

3. Joanna Holland (married in 1972). In the divorce, she received $20 million in cash and property.

4. Alexis Maas (married in 1987). This was Johnny's longest marriage, lasting the rest of his life.

Maybe it lasted because he finally got away from the ladies with very similar names: Joan, Joanne and Joanna. What are the chances?

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Mark in DE said...

Its a wonder that straight people bother getting married anymore!