Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Kids of Judy Garland Trilogy Part One

Getting a picture with Joe Luft at the 2008 Judy Garland Festival.

I've already written about my success in completing my 9 to 5 Trilogy. I do have a similar goal that I've been working on for almost 2 years.

In June of 2007, I attended my first Judy Garland Festival in Grand Rapids, MN. I am a Garland fan and I wanted to see the new Judy Garland Museum. I decided to visit the same weekend as the annual festival. If you are a Garland fan, I would recommend going. I'm already planning to attend the 2009 festival because it is celebrating the 70Th Anniversary of The Wizard of Oz.

One of the 2007 guests of honor was Joe Luft, Judy's son. I found myself face-to-face with one of Judy's children. Here was the little boy who sat on his famous mom's lap while she sang Over the Rainbow during her Christmas special. Now he was all grown and taking part in a weekend that celebrated her life and extraordinary and unmatched talent.

Joe was very polite and accommodating to anyone who wanted to speak with him, get a picture with him or have him autograph a variety of Judy Garland merchandise. I got my picture with him and we talked for a few moments (something I repeated in 2008). When I looked at the picture I realized that I needed to see all of Judy Garland's children. Another trilogy was born.

Liza Minnelli and Lorna Luft were next.


Mac Callister said...

hey thanks for following my blog.i did the same now.

have a great week!

Wonder Man said...

Lorna was in Grease 2

Comicsfan said...

Lorna Luft once hosted a good documentary on PBS on Garland's concert years. Be sure to catch it--it's available on DVD.