Sunday, June 7, 2009

Market Place Buffet Food Review: 12 of 52

Market Place Buffet

Norwegian Star Cruise Ship

Who I Went With:
I ate here many times over my 8 days cruise. Sometimes by myself and sometimes with friends (Erich, William, Travis, Robert, Mark, Greg).

What I Ate:
Everything. The Market Place was open 24 hours a day. The variety of food was always changing. It's amazing how much food a person can eat when it's there all the time. Burgers, fries, sandwiches, salads, pizza, pasta, seafood, Asian, beef roasts, potatoes, vegetables, fruits, desserts and much more.

On the 2nd morning of the cruise, I was still so full from day 1, that I couldn't even think of breakfast. So I ate a mixture of fresh fruit and chilled pineapple soup. It was wonderful!

For lunch, dinner, afternoon snacks, evening snacks and 2:30am snacks I tried as many different things as I could. One lunch was a ham sandwich on pretzel bread, baked apples, potato salad, Spanish Rice and dumplings.

Would I Go Back:
If I ever take another cruise, I'm sure I'd find my way back to the Market Place.


Gus Brock said...

Mmmm... Yummy!!

Anonymous said...

OMG MIKEY!!!!! I see I need to teach you how to plate. That is bad!