Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mazatlan: The Fog Tour

During my cruise through the Mexican Riviera, I did a tour of each port. I will never forget Mazatlan. Not because of the amazing time I had in the city, but because of the fog that settled in right as our tour started.

Everything we were supposed to see in the higher altitude of the city was covered by a dense fog. Our tour guide prefaced everything he said with, "If you could see, this would be right here." "If you could see, that would be over there."

To keep in the spirit of the tour, here are a few photos.

The tour group enjoying . . . the fog.

If you could see, you'd know that these stairs carved out of rock lead to a diving platform. Rock divers go to the top, wait for the waves to come in and then they jump. They can't jump until a wave is in the right spot or else they would land in 4 feet of water.

Some of my fellow tourists decided to climb the stairs. I kept my feet planted on the sidewalk.

If you could see, I could tell you about this street. But I don't remember.

If you could see, I could tell you this building's significance. But I don't remember.

If you could see, this would be a great photo of me, the mermaid statue and the sparkling blue ocean in the background.


Laura said...

Great photos to help you remember the Fog. .... Makes me think of Stephen King's book. ;-)

Anonymous said...

If I could see, I would tell you how beautiful Mazatlan looked with its postcard-like landscape. LOL

Your commentary was HILARIOUS!!!!


Ryan (Gilbert, AZ) said...

OMG…I cant believe that FOG! That is insane.

Terry (Joan Weekend) said...

I am so happy for you to be able to travel & enjoy so much. You deserve it all!

William P. said...

LMAO!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!! That's a great pic of you and the mermaid!!

Jan G. said...

But you still wore sunglasses! Ha!

Michael Rivers said...

To Laura: Maybe I need to write a book about the Fog of Mazatlan!! Great idea.

To Val: Glad you liked the commentary! It was fun to write.

To Ryan: The fog was crazy. We need to visit there soon!

To William: The mermaid photo is great. I do wish the ocean was visible. It would have been a really great shot!

To Jan: Of course I wore sunglasses. I was trying to be a diva. HAHA

Anonymous said...

WTF?!?!?!?! We need proof you were there. You might have chickened out at the port. hahaha.


Ann B. said...

I'm pretty sure you were in Duluth! I remember those stairs and the mermaid statue down by Grandma's Saloon!

RAD said...

Fog in Maz? Wow...cool pics-- Love the one of you and the mermaid and sparkle blue ocean the best! :-)

Anonymous said...

Looking Good!