Thursday, July 23, 2009

Favorite Quote: Career Evolution

Five stages in the life of an actor: 1) Who's Mary Astor? 2) Get me Mary Astor. 3) Get me a Mary Astor type. 4)Get me a young Mary Astor. 5) Who is Mary Astor?

Who Said It:
Mary Astor


Bob said...

Ain't that the truth.
You always hear talk of who the new Julia Roberts might be, and I think, Julia Roberts is still around.

Howard said...

Seems as tho little has changed since the advent of talkies, eh?

behrmark said...

Mary Astor was a marvel. It is unfortunate she led such a tragic life when in the movies she was always so glamorous.

RAD said...

"Whatever Mary"....sorry had to say it....or how about this one instead... "OH MARY!" he he he

Doug Goff said...

I always wondered if Humphrey Bogart "tapped" Mary Astor. I bet he did!

Stephen said...

I love that quote, Michael!


I totally agree, michael!
by the way, congrats on the 100th, you are no longer a baby blogger no more...Woo-hoo!