Sunday, July 26, 2009

Moose and Sadie's: Food Review 15 of 52

As part of my New Year's Resolution to try 52 new restaurants, diners, coffee shops and bakeries during 2009, I present the following review.

Moose & Sadie's

212 N. 3rd Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55401

Who I Went With:
Scott, PK and Mike

What I Ate:
Scrambled Eggs and French Toast

Would I Go Back:
Yes. Moose & Sadie's is located in the area of Minneapolis called North Loop. I'm just now starting to explore this area of the city. This is definitely a restaurant I will visit again.

Worth the Price:
Very much. The French Toast with the strawberry topping was wonderful. The presentation of the food was very appealing.


Pick said...

I've already played in one of the local churches in town this morning but haven't as yet had breakfast ... I'm now salivating madly! ;o{)

Looks pretty darn yummy!

Steven said...

Michael: Why don't you ever invite me to go with you? I love trying new restaurants! Steve

Doug Goff said...

I'm now sitting here waiting for my lunch to arrive, it's late by the way, and damn does that French Toast look good!