Sunday, July 12, 2009

Name that Tune: Cher

I've seen this quiz on a few blogs so I wanted to attempt it myself. It was harder than I expected. The instructions are to answer each question using only song titles from one artist. I tried a few different artists but ended on Cher.

Are you Male or Female:
Just Like Jesse James

Describe Yourself:
Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves

How Do You Feel About Yourself:
Strong Enough

Describe Your Current Boy/Girl Situation:
We all Sleep Alone (maybe one day this will be replaced with I Got You Babe).

Describe Where You Currently Live:
Fires of Eden

If You Could Go Anywhere:
Walking in Memphis

Favorite Transportation:
Taxi Taxi

Your Best Friend Is:
Love and Understanding

Your Favorite Color Is:
Am I Blue

If Your Life Was a TV Show:
After All

What Life is to You:
The Beat Goes On

What's the Best Advice You Can Give:


Eric Arvin said...

These are fun. I did it using Aimee Mann.

Doug Goff said...

That was pretty interesting. Maybe I'll try one with Eminem or Metallica, that should be fun.

edder said...

You reminded me that I'd done the same exercise on FB awhile back.

I mentioned you in my post :)

Bob said...

I saw this at Edder's place, and she linked it back to you, so, well, I took a shot.
It is hard!

Stephen said...

I gave it go also, Michael.
I enjoy your blog, your opinions & your pics.

Bobbie's Babbles said...

I'm a music idiot, but it was fun trying.