Friday, July 31, 2009

Star Wars: In Concert

As a long time Star Wars fan, I was excited to see the Star Wars: In Concert announcement.

The arena tour showcases John Williams' score performed by a live symphony orchestra and choir. Footage from all six Star Wars films will be synchronized to the music and projected onto a specially constructed LED screens, one of the largest ever taken on tour.

An exhibit of costumes, props and models will also be part of the experience. Many of these items have been stored for 30 years, seen last when they were in front of the camera.

Check out the Star Wars: In Concert site for more information. A few cities are listed for the tour and more will follow.

May the force be with you.


Howard said...

As a recovering Catholic, every time I see the line 'May the Force be with you,' I have a never-ending desire to answer with 'And also with you.' Go figure.

David Dust said...

I would LOVE to see this.


Doug Goff said...

Now that would definitely be something I'd be interested in seeing!

TheEgoReturns said...

Thankfully there are no shows in San Diego. The last thing I need is another thing to keep me away from my classes this fall.