Friday, August 14, 2009

Cecil's Deli: Food Review 18 of 52

As part of my New Year's Resolution to try 52 new restaurants, diners, coffee shops and bakeries during 2009, I present the following review.

Cecil's Deli

651 Cleveland Ave S
St Paul, MN 55116-1244

Who I Went With:

What I Ate:
We couldn't make up our minds so we split the following: BBQ beef sandwich and a pastrami and pepper jack cheese on pumpernickel toast.

Would I Go Back:
For sure!

Worth the Price:
Cecil's Deli started in 1949 and I understand why they are still open. The food is totally worth the price. The pastrami on pumpernickel was incredible. Next time I'm having a full sandwich all to myself.

Attached to the deli is a grocery area where Cecil's sells the fresh breads, meats and salads that make up their menu. The bread was so good that we bought a loaf. I'm go back just to buy more.


Larry Ohio said...

Mmmm, I love deli food. When we lived in Cleveland we lived near a jewish deli. Unbelievably good food!! OMG I miss Cleveland.

Doug Goff said...

Man you go to some awesome places Michael, that sandwich looks awesome!!

mistress maddie said...

Cecil's!!!!!!!! Oh hell no! Why on earth would some name a diner Cecil's!!!! I'm so appauled, but I'm glad the food was at least good! LOL.Talk to you soon.Cecil's. I'll stop now.

David Dust said...

Michael -

You'll have to excuse Maddie ... she has a serious problem with the name "Cecil". And "Merlin". PLEASE do not review a restaurant named "Merlin's Bar & Grill".

You have been warned... :)


Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

Looks like a heart attack waiting to happen which means it probably tastes amazing!

Mitzi said...

The permed chips look delicious.


Have a delicious weekend darling!

Kenneth Fron said...

Cecil's Deli is a treasure! They sure don't make them like this anymore! I hope the family will continue the tradition?

Now, for statistics....ha ha

It is mid-August. About 4 months to go. Can you actually visit 34 more places by the end of 2009? You might have to double-up and do 2 in a weekend! ha ha We are ROOTING for ya! Go, Michael! Go, Michael!

P.S. Have you seen Julie & Julia yet? YOU are going to be a STAR!!!

Scooter said...

That looks really yummy right now. :)


Thanks for your comment!

Trust all goes well for you!

Keep trying the restaurants!



Ray's Cowboy said...

looks wonderful. wished I could have beenthere for good conversation and GREAT food.

Breenlantern said...

I LOVE this idea...I may try it for 2010!