Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Drugs for Sale

Cabo San Lucas was a stop on my Mexican Riviera cruise. During the shore excursion, we were taken to this market place:

The market place had an unusual amount of pharmacy type stores. And these stores were proudly displaying signs of the drugs they sold. "What's the big deal?" I wondered. "Don't all pharmacies have these drugs?"

The big deal was you don't need a prescription. The stores sell drugs over-the-counter that in the U.S. are prescription only.

Viagra, Retin-A, Penicillin, Zoloft, Amoxicilin, Prilosec. Whatever you wanted, they had it.

And, you don't even need to buy a full bottle! Just walk up to the counter and tell the employee how many pills you want. Your order is placed in a small baggie or in a regular pill bottle. Depending on how many you want.

If you're feeling depressed just go pick up some Zoloft. Can't get erect, go pick up some Viagra. No doctor visit. No exam. No blood work. No testing.

Places like this might make for some great one-stop-shopping. Condoms, Viagra and Penicillin all with no questions asked.

Maybe Cabo San Lucas is on to something?


Bob said...

Of course, with my lousy Spanish, I'd ask for one thing and get something entirely different.
i'd be one of those guys with the four-day erection!

Wait. Is that bad?

Miss Ginger Grant said...

Who needs national healthcare? Just abolish the FDA and we will all mecidate ourselves! Sounds kinda dangerous!

How funny: my word verification is "viala"... sounds like a combo of vigra and cialis!

Doug Goff said...

That's pretty interesting! Did they also sell other stuff there like pot?

Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

Viva La Mexico!

Dan said...

So what did you buy?

Mark in DE said...

Very interesting, but also very scary. I wonder what the quality control is like.

Allen said...

I guess that is like a candy shop for adults?


That tiny blue pill has changed the world!...and the bed rooms(or motels) across the country~

Stephen said...

I have friends that have a B&B on the souther tip of the Yucatan... they always advise their guests to have dentistry & to buy drugs while in Mexico...
the signs are very fun!

Mitzi said...

Sounds wonderful and that's how it should be. Here where I live (UK) you buy a packet of nurofen and it like been questioned by the Gestapo.

Are you taking any other medication?

Have you taken these before?
(What's it to you shop girl!)

Are these for you?
(NO they're for a gift.)

Do you have a club card?

Callen said...

i am so going to cabo for thanksgiving break.

mistress maddie said...

Wow! No wonder everyone over there is always in good moods! And some might need the three meds you listed in your last line there. A Christmas gift pack!