Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Joan Rivers Plays Las Vegas

I'm excited to report that Joan Rivers is going back to Las Vegas! She will perform at the incredible Venetian Hotel.

The last time I saw Joan in Vegas was five years ago. The chance to see her there again was too good to resist. I phoned my friend Ryan (in Phoenix) and he started to pack immediately.

Another exciting thing about this trip is I get to meet my friend Anne. We began emailing about 1 1/2 years ago. And it all started because of Joan. I was ebay-bidding on two Joan Rivers at Caesar's Palace programs. Anne outbid me. How dare she.

She was nice enough to email me and offer one of the programs because she "didn't need two copies." I promptly removed the pins from the voodoo doll and our great friendship concerning all things Joan was born.

Ryan, Anne, her husband and I got front-row-center tickets and we'll visit with Joan after the show. We're excited! Joan. Friends. Vegas. Front row. It will be a great adventure!

My friend and fantastic jewelry designer, Kenneth Fron, may also be in Vegas for the show. I'm just waiting to get word from him. Ladies, do you have your FRON on?

Show Information:
August 27-29
Showtime: 7:00 p.m.

September 3-5
Showtime: 7:00 p.m.

Tickets start at $46
VIP Seating Available

Phone: 702-414-9000


Ray's Cowboy said...

hope you dreams come true again and get more pictures with her.

Doug Goff said...

Damn dude you're going to Vegas AGAIN??? Now I'm really really jealous. I think I just might have to plan a trip for myself.

A Lewis said...

I'm going to be laying over in Vegas this Thursday night...does that count??

And speaking of entertainment, I saw Barry Manilow at the Riveria in 1982....does THAT count??? Oh my.

Anne B (Nashville) said...

And I'm the aforementioned Anne, you know, a Friend of Michael's. I'm just as excited as he is about the whole trip!

Anonymous said...

I love joan rivers.

she really deserves the title of 'celebrity apprentice.'

i loved how she gave annie duke a ran for her money. :p


Hahaha on the voodoo doll!
I tivo her latest TV prog; 'How'd You get So Rich' now...she is so funny!
Wonder if you met her when you were with QVC. It's such a small world, our co. used to design carpets for QVC! Interesting!!

MAC said...

I would love to see her live. She was so much fun to watch on last season's Celebrity Apprentice.

Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

She's even coming to NYC! So excited!

Laura said...

You're going back again? Oh, don't talk to me now! ;-)

Have a BLAST!