Friday, August 21, 2009

Project Runway: First Impressions

Project Runway is finally back on TV. Some first impressions of a few designers:

Ari Fish. I am glad she was the first person eliminated. For two reasons. One, her design was ridiculous. Two, she was getting really annoying really fast and it was only the first episode.

Johnny Sakalis. Fifteen minutes into the show he started crying, "I've reached my limits." It's going to be a long season if he's cracking under the pressure this fast. Something about it didn't seem real? Thoughts?

Malvin Vien. Proclaimed he doesn't worry about the color of a carpet (in reference to the Red Carpet Challenge). Some advice to Malvin: you better start worrying because the celebrities looking for Red Carpet Fashion do. Keep up the attitude and no one will worry about you.

Qristyl Frazier. She provided the funniest moment of the episode when time was running out and she grabbed a scissors to cut her own fabric at Mood Fabrics. "I do what I gotta do!" I love her energy and I hope she stays around!


Bob said...

I'm with you on Ari and Johnny.
And Qristyl? With a Q? Really?

I'm changing my name to D6HbobU87....but the D and the 6 and the H and the U and the 8 and the 7 are silent.

Paul Benjamin said...

Oh yes. I sure did enjoy the season premiere...and I ALSO am glad that Ari was the first to go.
What the Phucc was that outfit she created?

I like Qrystal's (sp?) personality, so I hope she sticks around for a little bit.

A few of them are so boring...But at least the cute guy won! :)

John said...

Hi Michael, you asked for thoughts, hope you don't mind a little rambling...

OMG, I couldn't agree more about Ari Fish! Not only was her design ridiculous, but so were the outfits she was seen wearing. She looked like a circus clown.

And poor Johnny (isn't that what we're supposed to think, since he's fresh off drugs--OR IS HE)? Will he relapse before the season is over? Tune in to find out!

Yeah, Malvin has a lot to learn. Plus I thought he made an outfit for the grim reaper.

Qristyl, I love her energy too and hope to see her around for awhile! I swear I have seen that dress on some ladies before, on their way to church...all that gathering reminded me of elastic! Remember she specializes in Plus Beauty (not plus size LOL).

And the guy's dress that won (sorry forgot his name), it was cute, but it sure did look like the top part was made out of those cheap plastic leis you can buy them in assorted colors. It looked like a bunch of black ones!

Tim Gunn just makes the show so enjoyable. I just love him!

Did you notice Michale Kors was an extremely bitchy orange color? I guess that's because it's in LA.

All in all, a great show, sure to be a big hit. I love it!

Doug Goff said...

Oh man I love that show! Can't believe I missed it, my wife is gonna be pissed.

Wonder Man said...

I missed it, I hope to see it this weekend

Christopher said...

First off, I think I'll change my name to Qhyristopher [puke!]

Good riddance to Ari...she came off was way too annoying.

I'm betting money that Johnny isn't going to let us forget that he's an addict.

Mark in DE said...

I liked Qristyl too! I hope she lasts a while.


I want to sit on Tim Gunn's laps & share my emotional problem too (sob-sob*) Have a fabulous weekend darling!


mistress maddie said...

I agree with you on Qristyl she is funny as hell and don't remember someone as funny as her before. But on that note, I just couldn't get into the show last night. But thats normal for me. After a show runs to long, I always start to lose intrest. And I thought today would be a Merlin's Bar and Lounge review!


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TheEgoReturns said...

I was so excited when I saw Project Runway was back. Did they REALLY have to bring Lindsey Lohan as a guest judge??? I realize it's in LA but come on, Project Runway deserves better!

Did you watch the Project Runway All-star Challenge? I couldn't believe Sweet Pea did so well with her designs, I was so expecting her to suck and she surprised me. Keto is just as arrogant as Santino - there I said it!

Then there was the Models of the Runway show. Didn't much care for that but it gave a clue as to what the models have to go through.

Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

Totally totally agree. Malvin creeps me out, and I love Qrystal. I don't have a favorite yet, but it's good to know the show is still in tact and pretty much the same.

RAD said...

I am happy on the return..finaly caught it on my DVR over the weekend..Wasnt it good! Looks like alot of good designers...Ari was a good one to go home can tell she not commited...

Meeko Fabulous said...

You are spot on! I really like Christopher's design. :)

Mike, Studio city said...

I like Qristyl, but I also find the young guy that made the see through dress interesting.

Anonymous said...

I love Project Runway. I hope I will follow the show this time around. I do agree with the contestant that was eliminated she was crazy.

Great designs are expected.