Friday, September 25, 2009

Spamville: Food Review 28 of 52

As part of my New Year's Resolution to try 52 new restaurants, diners, coffee shops and bakeries during 2009, I present the following review.


MN State Fair

Who I Went With:

What I Ate:
Spam Hot Dog.

Would I Go Back:
Maybe. With 300 food vendors at the fair, they have to be really good to go back each year.

Worth the Price:
The cost was in line with other hot dogs at the fair (I think it was $3). Before eating this, I'd never tasted Spam. I did it for YOU, my dear readers. I ate the Spam hot dog. For you.

Honestly, it didn't taste much different than any other hot dog. The flavor was a bit more spicy than an ordinary hot dog.


Larry Ohio said...

You got much bigger balls than me. I would never eat a real hot dog much less a spam dog. Glad you liked it.


Firstly, Happy Sweet Birthday to you Michael darrrling!
haha...hate to admit this, but I luvvv spam! That mysterious luncheon meat is yummy with eggs! XO* as always!!

Doug Goff said...

Thanks for taking one for the team Michael! Honestly every time I eat a hot dog, no matter what kind, I find myself hurting for the next two days. Still I eat one every cookout.

Anonymous said...

You are a brave wonderful soul doing that for us...SPAM, ewwwwwwww have u ever seen that stuff from the can, horrible;)

You must have a set the size of Texas my friend..

mistress maddie said...

I have, believe it or not, a couple delish recipes for spam. Deviled Ham is wonderful in the summer, or ham spread as it is called sometimes here. DELISH!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hmmm. You are brave. I don't know if I could do it Spam is not my favorite. But I do love a good gourmet hot dog... Pinks in L.A. is the best!

cb said...

You should hot up the Cheeky Monkey deli on Selby.

Howard said...

Hmmm, you did it for us. Do you often bow to peer pressure? LOL

Writer said...

With the way hot dogs are processed, I didn't imagine as I read your entry that it'd be much different, but just knowing it was spam...I don't know if I could do the same.

Christopher said...

Spamburger??? Wow, that's a new one to me...that hot dog (spam dog)looks d'lish though!

Anonymous said...

I grew up po, so I know what it's like to eat Spam on many an occassion. To tell the truth, I crave it once in a while. (That, Ramen Noodles and Spaghetios - SHHshshshshshhhh!!! Don't tell anyone!)

When I was a kid, my parent's idea of a vacation was to pack us all into the car and just drive around a few states, stop at a motel, then drive some more until we got to the next motel.

My mother decided that we should have a picnic on the side of the highway, but she forgot to pack a knife to cut the Spam. You used to have to open a can of Spam with a little 'key' attached to it. Well, my mother in her ingenious state of mind, after she opened the lid with the key, used the sharp edge of the lid to slice the Spam.

We was ghetto.

Jan said...

We remain indebted to you.
You're so brave.
Hope you had a lovely birthday x

Wonder Man said...

I love hot dogs, but spam, no

Windy City Sex blog said...

I'm jealous. A spam hot dog. Who da thunk it. MMMM.

Anonymous said...

The spam must have been good. Need to try this at
I like your idea of trying new restaurants - you are giving them a help - stimulus package.

Rick said...

I never knew such a place and such a "dog" existed. Ugh.

Mitzi said...

Bless your belly!

JennyMac said...

WOW...bravo to you for trying it. I wont even eat a "real" hot dog which of course, is basically Spam with a designer label. LOL.


Greetings Michael!

Sorry I missed your birthday! Belated greetings!

I have an Irish friend who loves SPAM! Can't understand it!

We had to eat it at times during WWII but I've never done so since!



Ray's Cowboy said...

Never got into the spam things. I have tried it many ways, but never go into it.
Glad you enjoyed it.

TheEgoReturns said...

Thanks! I've never tried Spam, don't think I need to either.

cb said...

Spam is vulgar, and in the shape of a hot dog... Well, that's just wrong.