Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tabatha's Salon Take Over: Episode Three

In episode three, a bunch of unruly employees prove that they are running their salon into the ground. Tabatha gives them a major wake up call and "forecloses" the salon!

The salon's owner reveals that she must file for personal bankruptcy. With Tabatha's help, the employees lose their attitude and rally around to get the salon back on its feet.

Tabatha--I still want to have lunch with you!! Are you going to make me beg?!



ooohhh I'm scared of her!
But I'm sure in real life she is very sweet...errr I think?!

Bob said...

I want her to do my hair!

JennyMac said...

I wouldnt mess with her...she looks tough!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

I am watching this show because of you and am really enjoying it! I love Tabatha's take no @#$! attitude!

Sean said...

I love her and am always amazed when the stylists are shocked that she is so brutally honest and blunt.

I was 100% on her side for firing that one woman and am surprised how many manage to keep their jobs.

That being said, she does remind me of an Andorian on Star Trek - all she needs are the little horn thingies.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

I LOVVVVVVVVE Tabitha!!! I hope y DVR has been taping it!

MJ said...

I like a man who begs.

Doug Goff said...

Hell I wanna have lunch with her too! Maybe she can help me grow some hair?

Jan said...

That would be an interesting lunch for sure.
Grrr - Bravo site won't let me watch videos, but I did play Tab's quiz !

David Dust said...

This show (and Tabatha herself) are really starting to grow on me.


Dean Grey said...


I saw this episode too, Michael!

I'm starting to get addicted to this show!

Tabatha is one mean lady but I like that she gets to the heart of the matter and tries to find out why the salon is failing.

It's an interesting study in why some businesses fail and how to make them run smoothly and succeed!

Love it!


Wonder Man said...

I may go to this salon since it's in LA

Windy City Sex blog said...

You going to beg when we meet!!!