Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tabatha's Salon Takeover Finale

Tabatha’s Salon Takeover season 2 FINALE is tonight (Tuesday 1/12 @ 10/9c)! A fed-up salon owner, Janeen, needs help standing up to some of her stubborn employees. Tabatha steps in and shows Janeen how to release all of her pent up frustrations and how to be a leader for her team.

In one of the season’s most emotional episodes yet, can Tabatha help Janeen become a changed woman and stick up to her difficult stylists with a new and confident attitude?

Tune in to fine out!!


Doug Goff said...

I saw the previews for this episode last night and I Tivo'd it. I've been meaning to watch all season but kept forgetting.

ayem8y said...

My best friend owns a salon and I told him last year that he should watch Tabatha.

He refused.

The other night I caught him watching Tabatha. He said he just discovered this amazing show that has helped him make changes in his salon.

I just kept my mouth shut and watched the show.

TheEgoReturns said...

Sometimes I like her show and other times I don't. I guess I'm just undecided.

I liked the episode when she goes back to the salon and all the changes she makes are gone. It was the one with the crazy owner that had the security cameras watching everyone.

That owner lady was a nut job.

mistress maddie said...

I love this show.I can't believe it is over already. I watched all the shows this past weekend since I missed most of them. What a great marathon.

RAD said...

it was a good one....That one manager was a total beyotch eh?