Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Favorite Quotes: A Week of Oscars

This is the 51st annual Academy Awards. Two hours of sparkling entertainment spread out over a four-hour show.

Who Said It:
Johnny Carson

Oscar History:
Hosted the Oscar ceremony five times.


Bob said...

Four hour-show??
Not these days, it's more like five.

Susan Erickson said...

What a wit ...his timing was perfect and his on.

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Sparkling entertainment sounds good to me, be it 2 or 4 hours!

robertga99 said... true!
That is my one beef with the's too long with too many awards that viewers don't want to see. They need to do it like the Emmy's and do a separate non-televised show with all the technical awards

Davelandweb said...

Carson's quips are legendary; and this one in particular is so true.

Paul Benjamin said...

They can cut out the middle portion of the show and all would be just fine!

In fact, they should have a Schmoscars...(as Kathy Griffin would say!) which should be a week before the awards that we really want to see!

WannabeVirginia W. said...

Oh no, that means that "Brothers and Sisters" will not be on again?

I use to watch Johnny Carson all the time because I loved the curtains behind him. Don't ask!

Wonder Man said...

I wonder if it will ever be shorter


I usually watch the shortened version that the TV stations put on - just the main awards.

jason said...

so true.
I miss him sometimes, actually.

raulito said...

Some of us remember Johny Carson when he came to replace Jack Parr. He was funny and it sort of hit a funny bone if you will in all of us. Late night tv has never been the same since he left.
thanks for your comments on my blog. Remember that you "get invited" to all orgies provided you are in the right place at the right
Besides, my character Kevin is a You are not...or are you?

Gay Guy said...

Deep sigh. I miss Johnny Carson. Such a class act.

Duchess of Tea said...

Darling, I popped in to personally thank you for the sweet birthday wishes you left for Christopher. We are both ever so grateful for you kindness.

Love & Hugs

Ray's Cowboy said...

I think it was cute. I love to see what people look like when all dressed up. Thank goodness for Tee-Voe.

Gropius said...

I know, right? Why can't we just see it all in 4 hours? My favorite is reading afterwards to see who got fugged for their fugly outfits.

Westopher said...

Johnny is gone but not forgotten! It seems somebody makes that same joke every single year, amirite? (minus the class & delivery of Carson, natch)

Doug Goff said...

Now isn't that the truth! I could only imagine of Johnny was here today to host the Oscars. Could you imagine that?